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Got Questions?

Should I consider models which have flowing water, am I going to have to supply the water?

Yes, you do have to provide a source of water for equipment that have flowing water. We are glad to provide help to arrange your unit installation so that water is readily available, though you will have to have accessibility to supply water to units that have flowing water.

Exactly how far ahead of time can I book the portable toilets?

Contingent on how many portable toilets you will want and what time of the year you want them, you could find that availability is an issue if you don't call us enough ahead of time. We recommend that you make your reservation at least 2 days beforehand, though the quicker the better. The greater number of units you will need, the sooner you have to call. You might profit from ordering a couple of weeks ahead if you're preparing a rather big occasion. If you know that your venture or function will be in the summer time or close to a community festivity, then you should always make your reservation as early as you are able to.

Can I book a portable toilet right now and get it today?

Even when you have not reserved your order beforehand, and you require a portable toilet on site today, it is advisable to give us a call to find out if we're able to help you. We often have some portable toilets available that aren't already booked, and we may be ready to assist with urgent demands.

What am I going to sign when I book portable toilets?

You have a choice of signing a damage waiver when you rent portable toilets from Motor City Portable Toilets. That will cut down the potential for accidental destruction that could cost you a lot more. It protects you for the price of repairs and replacement, no matter what creates damages. We'll have you sign an agreement concerning our charge, agenda, and maintenance terms.

What do the portable toilets cost us?

The price of the portable toilets order is going to change based on several variables. For instance, if you opt for standard portable toilets, deluxe portable toilets, or luxury restroom trailer models; how frequently you expect the units maintained; and what added facilities you've chosen to request along with your equipment. When you give us a call to consider your portable toilet requirements, we'll help you make these plans and offer free of charge quotes so that you can consider.

What must I think about with regards to portable toilet setting?

You can have us set up the portable toilets anywhere where they are appropriate for use and reachable for routine maintenance. We have got a lot of practical experience in portable toilet positioning for gatherings and work, and we'll happily offer you the benefit of our professional tips.

I have got a work location. What exactly are the requirements?

Any time you are managing a project location, you will need at least one portable toilet for the workers according to town rules and OSHA guidelines. You might think about obtaining a few, depending on the size of the project and workforce.

What exactly do my fees include?

The cost of your portable toilet arrangement includes transport, servicing, conveniences, and removing each unit that you require.

Our units are filling up too quickly. What do I need to do?

When you realize that the units fill up too rapidly, you can give us a call for service and maintenance. When portable toilets fill too rapidly, you do not have a sufficient quantity of the portable toilets at your location, and so we recommend ordering more. It is a good option to get 1 portable toilet per 10 attendees in a forty hour week.

Where will you take the waste product from the portable toilets once you get rid of it?

Your units will be cleaned and serviced regularly, and we will take the waste materials to a local waste center. The establishments can appropriately eliminate the waste materials.

What happens if a unit gets knocked down?

It's uncommon since our portable toilet units are strong and unlikely to fall down. Even so, it can happen. You may give us a call for rapid service if something such as this does take place.

Who's going to clean the portable toilets?

Whenever you speak to Motor City Portable Toilets, we are going to help you identify the perfect cleaning arrangement for cleaning and servicing your portable toilets. Our company offers day by day and once weekly service schedules to make sure that the portable toilet units are tidy and sanitary.

Do you offer trash removing services also?

Garbage disposal service will have to be received from another service. We'll be able to recommend you.

What if I only require the equipment for just one afternoon?

It does not matter the span of time you'll want to have your units, we're prepared to assist you. We are going to gladly supply portable toilets for only one day, for several months, and lengthier jobs. We'll gladly assist you in planning your portable toilet order any time you call us.

Suppose I happen to be dealing with rough weather? Might the portable toilet be likelier to tip?

Each of our units are made to be resilient and withstand wind. Having said that, in particularly rough weather, you could request unique posts that can keep the unit in the ground to stop any type of chance of falling down due to weather factors.